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About Us

Company Introduction



成心科技Founded in May 2010, initially focused on sales agents and film semiconductor and optoelectronics industry, the yellow light etching and other equipment parts. Though after the financial crisis, the economy is bad to the occasion; but along the way, receiving recognition and support of the industry and customers. However, response to customer demand for increased year by year, but in the same year set up professional maintenance technology team, focusing on the cavity clean RPS machine, various types of valves and Chiller maintenance, and in August 2015 to zero The disadvantage, zero recommendations by ISO9001, ISO14001 quality and environmental certification.


In recent years, home theater sudden change of industrial structure also increasingly diversified, especially science and technology industry, then in June 2013 set up a new business development department, has developed products have sales agents Korean brand infant supplies MOTHER-K .


Customers uphold the excellent quality and service, the company pay more attention to their staff, hoping to provide the best welfare and feedback, we see the company as a family, as the staff for their families. In addition, more expectations deliberately continued to grow healthy and strong science and technology and make a contribution to social welfare, thereby creating a sense of happiness with the enterprise system.


Since the establishment of business performance continued to grow rapidly. During the occasion of the rapid growth, provide better customer service, more aggressive expansion both inside and outside the base. In addition to Chunan Corporation, the mainland Shanghai also added, Pingtan FTA, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Gyeonggi office five business base and the mainland Dongguan Changping warehousing and logistics center, the number of employees also increased from six early embryonic growth to the current 50 people, diversification and picked innovative product strategy and professional services, will create another business peak, and gradually move towards steady deep target the international market.


Looking ever-changing new century, science and technology were full foolproof deliberately potential, innovative services beliefs, while continuing to nurture outstanding talent, quenching grind intellectual and professional skills, in order to provide the best customer service. But also it will be forward-looking marketing strategy, the introduction of superior products and technology, but also of common development and human civilization, care and contribute to the community, towards a sustainable path.